SSRS Create Simple Report

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About this video: How to create a simple SSRS Report? It is simple and we will show you an easy to follow example and video using Adventure Works database.
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This tutorial shows you how to create a simple report in SSRS.

First we need to create new SSRS Project. Open Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) from start // All programs.

Select File Menu // New // Project…

New project window should appear. Ensure you have Business Intelligence Projects selected on the left side (Project types). Select Report Server Project from templates window.
Type name, select location, Solution Name usually is the same as project name and should be updated when you type project name (name text box). Click ok to create new SSRS project.



Now that you have new SSRS Project created you should be able to view its content in solution explorer pane which is usually located on the right side (If you displayed than click view on the main menu and click solution explorer).

Next step will show you how to setup Shared Data Source.
Data source contains a connection string which is used to connect to your source of data which in SSRS is usually a SQL Server database. "Shared" just means you can re-use it for different reports.

To set up shared data source in Solution Explorer pane right click "shared data soruce" and click "Add new data source".

See screenshot below.

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