In this SSIS Tutorial I will show you how to use Union All Transformation. For the purpose of this tutorial I will use SSIS 2012

Other Versions of SSIS:
  • SSIS 2012
    • This video has been created using SSIS 2012
  • SSIS 2008
    • The examples we used should work in SSIS 2008
  • SSIS 2005
    • We suspect that this will work in SSIS 2005 as well



Union All Transformation

The Union All Transformation allows us to combine multiple source inputs into one output.

I have got SSIS Package with two OLE DB Sources and connection to AdventureWorks2012. 


In first source I have got FirstName,Gender (which shows M for Male) and EmployeeKey.

And in second source I have got the same fields but gender shows F for Female value.

My task is to combine them together so 5 Males and 4 Females so I should get 9 rows. 

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