Video Description: In this SSIS lesson we will give you an overview of parameters that were introduced in SSIS 2012 and simplified deployment.
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In previous blog post I have written overview about SSIS Configuration (for beginners). The question I didn't answer was how to actually do it in SSIS. In this article I will describe how to perform SSIS Configuration so a package works on different environment using SSIS 2012 Parameters method which is a new configuration method.

I will give you overview of parameters and mention about variables but this blog post will provide only overview about parameters and show you SSIS 2012 screenshots from SSDT (Visual Studio) and later on I will include links to new articles that will describe parameters in more details.

SSIS 2012 Parameters Model

IMPORTANT: The content of this article may change (I still do some research). Feel free to suggest improvements.

My first approach to understand to SSIS Configuration Model using Parameters was to Google Microsoft Link about it which I found but I must admit even with my experience I didn't understand a lot and as I am not a fan of "difficult reading" I decided not to spend to much time on reading it and do some more research, practice and write something on my own. 

Parameters is quite a comprehensive subject so I decided to break it down into small chunks that are easier to digest so in this article I will give you overview of the new model from SSIS 2012 Development perspective (I will not discuss deployment and execution in details but check our SSIS Tutorial for more articles)

SSIS Configuration objective is to make sure that the package can work on different environments and in SSIS 2012 this is achieved using new featured called parameters. Is this method new? Rather not, in previous version of SSIS (2005 to 2008 R2) we had variables in a package and 'package configuration' that allowed us to change variables from "outside".

The new method is nothing than break down of variables into:

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