Video Description: In this SSIS lesson we will show you how to create a simple SSIS package with a data flow task that moves text file data into inserts it into a database.
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If you are new to SSIS and would like to create your first SSIS package then below is a simple example with step by step instructions which will show you how to create an SSIS package in bids. I will use SQL Server Integration Services 2008 R2 and Visual Studio 2008 (instructions should be very similar for 2008 and 2005). This tutorial is for beginners and will not be following best practise which includes using variables and package configuration. At the end of tutorial I will post extra materials (once I create them) which will include best practise and package deployment.

If you need SSIS Overview before you start than please visit the following link SSIS Package

Create SSIS Package – Purpose

The purpose of this package is to load employee data from a CSV file into SQL Server database new employee table.

Create SSIS Package – Prerequisites

In order to complete this tutorial you will need:

  • SQL Server 2008 R2 with default localhost instance and BIDS (should work on 2008 and 2005)
  • Employee CSV file which you should save in location you will remember. Download Employee CSV file


How to create an SSIS Package


First create SSIS Project using BIDS (For more information visit Create SSIS Project)

Below is example of an empty package. I have highlighted the elements we will use and briefly discuss it below (you can ignore the rest):
create ssis package empty

Solution Explorer - on the right you see solution explorer with your SSIS project (first icon from top). If you don’t have it go to view//solution explorer. In majority of cases you will use SSIS Packages only. The rest is not used in practise (best practise).

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