KEBI Academy


Our names are Katie & Emil, husband & wife. We live in the UK and run a UK based Training & Consulting company. Since 2010 we offer online training covering Microsoft tools related to Business Intelligence where we share our 15 years combined experience in BI from 15+ BI Projects.

Our mission is simple: Become No.1 most helpful Microsoft BI learning website that helps people progress their careers easily and quickly, and help companies find the perfect candidate for the job.

We offer:

Our principles are:

  • Provide high quality, easy to follow and learn study materials.
  • Focus on preparations for real life projects (using practice tasks and projects).
    • Provide projects from personal life scenarios where the final outcome may positively impact our members (gain greater control, cut costs or improve life quality etc.)
  • Share experience and guide members using live webinars (and webinar recordings).
  • Listen carefully to members' feedback and allow members to influence the choices we make related to the website features and content (Feedback, Voting, Surveys etc.).
  • Make it highly affordable so anyone willing to work hard (study + practice) has an opportunity to progress their career.
  • Focus on self-learning so we can reach a lot of people with minimal costs so we can keep the membership fee highly affordable so everyone has an opportunity to improve their lives and increase job satisfaction.