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Author: by Emil Glownia

Here you will find "Mixed" level SSIS Interview questions and answers.

Questions are split into 3 levels:

  • For Freshers (Beginner Level),
  • For Experienced (Intermediate Level - 2 to 3 years of experience) and
  • Advanced (4 and 5 plus years of experience)

SSIS Questions For Freshers

Question 1: What is the difference between Control Flow and Data Flow? [Answer]

Question 2: Name all types of containers in SSIS? [Answer]

Question 3: What is Precedence Constraint and give all available options. [Answer]

Question 4: Name all types of connections you have worked with in SSIS. [Answer]

SSIS Questions for Experienced

Question 5: What is the following SQL Server connections: OLEDB, ODBC and SQLClient? [Answer]

Question 6: Name all types of transformation you have worked with in SSIS. [Answer]

Question 7: What is the difference between Union and Merge? [Answer]

Question 8: What is the difference between Lookup and Merge Join? [Answer]

Question 9: What is a data flow buffer? [Answer]

Question 10: How can you ensure your package works when you move it to another server? [Answer]

Question 11: How can you deploy SSIS Package (or Project). [Answer]

Advanced SSIS Questions

We have a task to add some more advanced questions and if you have any that you think we should have or just want to "remind" us to do that than feel free to drop us a line.

Take care


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