SSIS Accenture Interview Questions and Answers

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Welcome to our SSIS Accenture Interview Questions and Answers. Part of our plan to improve SSIS Interview Q&A section of our website we have made some research and it seems that a popular search contains word 'Accenture' and "Accenture plc is a multinational management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company headquartered in Dublin, Republic of Ireland" according to Wikipedia [Accenture].

I'm not going to give you actual questions for Accenture SSIS related jobs but I will share with you what I have found and provide my answers.

Some of the questions are taken Sudeep Raj (Accenture Team Lead) Blog post that appeared in my Google search and I will modify them a bit to fit my style.

Accenture Questions

1. Can you use Lookup Transformation without using OLEDB Connection?

2. What is the difference between Lookup and Merge Join Transformation?

3. How many outputs can Aggregate Transformation have?

Unfortunately I was not able to find any other questions but if you have any that you can share than let me know and I will expand this blog post.

Accenture Answers

Below are my answers.

1. Can you use Lookup Transformation without using OLEDB Connection?

Yes! With cache transform but be careful Lookup is case sensitive. There is however one limitation. Source needs to be static so you cannot add new rows which sometimes you would during ETL loads into a data warehouse and you need to remember to "refresh" your source in time before lookup is used again. 

2. What is the difference between Lookup and Merge Join Transformation?

They do similar work. In our Lookup Transformation Tutorial we explained you can "join" to another source and include extra columns in your data flow. In Merge join Video we explained that it works like SQL Joins (inner / outer) + it must be sorted. Performance wise it is more tricky and I don't have any data on that but I will try to do something in the future. As Merge Join requires sorting this will impact performance however I wouldn't be so sure that is always the case and most likely other factor would have to be taken into consideration.

3. How many outputs can Aggregate Transformation have?

Apparently you can have more than one using advanced // outputs. I haven't tried that with aggregate transformation myself but sounds like a challenge so I might do a video on that at some later point.

Take care


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