Christmas 2013 Competition - Win £100 Gift ($150)

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Author(s): by Katie Glownia & by Emil Glownia

Katie and Emil Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 is coming! and we would like to say THANK YOU to over 400,000 unique visitors (according to Google Analytics) who visited our website in 2013!

Extra THANK YOU goes to everyone who participated in our "Do you find our website helpful?" where in 95% of cases our website is seen as helpful!

This Christmas we decided to have a little competition and find BI experts among our visitors! Are you not an expert? Don't worry we hope to make it fun and mix questions so there will difficult, easy, popular, odd and impossible :) and everyone has a chance to get some points.

Win £100

What kind of competition would it be if people didn't compete with each other? So we decided to make it more fun by sponsoring a Christmas gift of £100 ($150) for one person with the highest number of points!

Sponsored by Katie & Emil

Competition Details:

Start: 11th of November 2013

End: 12th of December 2013

Winner Announcement: 13th of December 2013 + £100 (or $150) Gift sent via PayPal.

Do you qualify?

  • We will use our Feedback Page to track answers. We will use name to update Leader board and please ensure you use the same email address to provide your answers as we assign points to email address (behind the scenes which we will not reveal) this is to avoid "transferring points".
  • In order to compete effectively we recommend to use a Social Media Account in order to get link to questions before it appears on our website (This is because we schedule our questions for different time zones).
  • £100 will be sent to provided PayPal email address that must match your Social Media First Name and Surname. We do not offer any other form of money transfer.
  • Competition progress will be available on Leadership Board therefore we will use your Social Media Account to ensure you are a real person with one account.

Sign up

There is no sign up process. You can join the competition at any time and the sooner you do it the more chances you have of winning!

Competition Rules

Rules are very simple. We will ask an open question and the first person who answers it gets 1 point! We decide if we are happy with the answer or not (sorry!) but if we are wrong and you prove that in 24 hours from the moment we accept the answer than you get 2 points!

We will also have bonus question worth 3 points.

Person with the highest number of points wins!

Important: You can provide only one answer per question so ensure your first answer is the correct one!

Glitches: We will try our best to ensure there are no glitches however we won't be able to change the points or restart a question in case you experience a glitch. Please ensure you use the latest browser and have a social media account before you join the competition.

Early Start

Get 1 point by answering our Question 0 before the competition starts (Question 0 is now closed).

Type of Questions

Mainly BI questions using Microsoft technologies so we will cover SQL Server, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS, Excel, PowerPivot, PowerView. We will also cover Methodologies: Kimball, Inmon, Data Vault, Scrum, TOGAF, Data Visualization. Bonus questions will be rare but also unpredictable.

Where can I find the questions?

We will publish the list one this page where we you will find a link to the actual questions (with option to answer it) BUT you can get a head start as we will publish link to the question using our Social Media Account BEFORE it appear on our website. 

NOTE: Bonus questions will appear only on our individual Google+ Profiles.

You can follow us on a number of Social Media Networks: 

What time will you publish the questions?

This is a tricky one as we know you can be in different time zones. To make it fair for everyone we will aim to publish questions at different hours and distribute them evenly, however we will not tell when we will publish it but we hope to publish at least 1 question a day in your time zone.

We will publish question between Monday and Friday (of your local time).

How many questions?

At least 48 but it might more.

Good Luck!

If you have any questions about the competition feel free to contact us and remember to tell your friend!

We hope you will enjoy it!

Katie & Emil


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