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Katie works full time on this website (maintenance, improvements, admin and new content) and Emil works part time (after work) and full time between contracts (now!). Since 2011 we have created over 300 video tutorials and nearly 1,000 pages and there still a lot we can do!

The website is partially supported by Google Ads but it is still far away from covering our running and living costs (£1,000 per month just to rent a flat in UK is not a small amount) therefore we would like to ask you to donate.

We still make a loss every month but we believe that if we triple number of videos (1,000 videos in total) we will get enough from donations and Google ads we will be able to do it both full time and if that happens we should go from 1,000 videos to 2,000 within a year! Hopefully by that time all our efforts for several years will pay off; we can continue to do what we love to do and everyone will be able to learn a lot from our website for FREE!

You may also wonder why we run ads and donations at the same time? We would like to remove ALL our ads but we have to wait until donations are a sustainable way for covering our costs which isn't the case yet.

What about paid membership? Trying to make living from FREE content is extremely difficult and we had suggestions to turn our entire website into paid membership which we are not going to do :) As we believe education should be for FREE! however there is some content or features which requires more effort or money (e.g. Online Tests Software) which we cannot afford to provide for free but we still want to provide it and we will do it for paid members.

Income from members will be used to expand members features and provide even more FREE content which hopefully will gives us more sustainable income so we can do our hobby full time without the need to get a "proper" job :)

p.s. We have just started our Everyday Analysis blog and first is Electric Cars for sale in UK.

Take care

Katie & Emil

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Take care
Katie & Emil
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